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O2 Upgrades

Enjoy all the O2 perks when you upgrade with us including TU Go, free O2 wi-fi on the go, and O2 travel when travelling in Europe. Plus you won't miss out on all the exclusive Priority offers and experiences!

EE Upgrades

Upgrade with us and you'll get all the benefits and inclusive offers from EE, including the BT Sport app free for 3 months plus Apple music for 6 months! All made even better being on the fastest network with the largest 4G coverage.

Vodafone Upgrades

Keep all your favourite Vodafone benefits when you upgrade with us, including ultrafast 4G speeds, inclusive roaming and red value bundles that let you enjoy up to 24 months of NOW TV Entertainment, Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium!

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Keep your number and benefits

Keep all your benefits, get a better price, and get our additions on top!

Upgrade for less

Same number, same benefits, better price.

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If you find a cheaper deal than ours, we'll match it and pay your first monthly bill.